International Sustainability Scholarship 2021

We are a Danish program for lifetime learning. We believe that the students of today, within their research and future job positions can help shape the world of tomorrow in a definite way – and we want to help them on their way! That’s why we’re endeavoring a scholarship of up to €5000 to help reach your tuition expenses and get you one step closer to your, probably, world-changing mission. The scholarship will be granted for the fall/autumn semester of 2021 and is open to people from everywhere in the world who want to study a master’s curriculum that is helping you make the world longer sustainable. We believe in delivering the world a more sustainable country and we want to help others who share our vision.

Additional Criteria of Scholarship

To apply for this scholarship: – You must have appealed (or will apply) to a master’s program that can assist you to make the world more sustainable – You must have applied (or will apply) for a study beginning in the Fall Semester 2021 – The degree curriculum may not be online, You must engage the entry qualifications for the university or graduate school, including, Hold a valid undergraduate degree – Match language requirements for the program. You must hold or be eligible to apply for a suitable study visa (if applicable).

Our ideal applicant, If you are planning on beginning a master’s degree that can help mitigate the impact of climate change, then we (already) know that you have your mind and remembrance in the right place. What else are we looking for in an applicant?

A global mindset, and interest in combating weather change, whether it be within clean energy, biology, construction, economics, business, health, farming, law, political science, media, anthropology, or any other relevant field. – Excited and inspired to positively change the world – A high academic achiever with the grades to prove it – Involved in sustainable enterprises and projects (volunteering work, job, etc.) – Excited to take obligation and determining effect change!

Total Amount of scholarship


You must be studying in one of the following countries:


When will I find out if I have won the scholarship?

The scholarship winner will be announced after 1 May 2021. All applicants will be notified via email from 17 May 2021.

How many scholarships will be awarded?

There is only one scholarship possible which will be awarded to one individual.

You must be studying one of the following:

No! you can study all coerces.

Can I edit my application after I submit it?

No, it will not be feasible for you to edit your application after proposing it. The application closes on the 12th of April 2021, after this date, the application form will be closed and all submissions will be considered final.

What do I have to submit with my application?

In the original application, all you need to do is pack in the form along with a 500-700 word article. If you are offered the scholarship, you will be asked to supply further documentation to further prove your eligibility.

What should I include in my application essay?

We would like you to answer the following problems in your application essay:

  • What motivated you to choose this particular study program? 
  • How is your plan going to help you fight/alleviate the impact of climate change? 
  • Overall, how do you think education and the fight next climate change are connected?

Can I get reimbursed if I have already paid my tuition fees?

No, the terms of this scholarship state that your tuition fees must not yet be paid as we will only pay the scholarship fund directly to the university or the provider of the course, not to you, the student.

Can I email or post you my application?

No, all applications necessity be submitted via the official online application. If you email or post your application, we will not include it for attention.

Is this scholarship for degrees taught in English only?

No, this scholarship is open to programs or courses prepared in any language! We just need the application to be presented in English or Danish.

Is this scholarship open to me if I’m studying at a school that is not a university?

Yes, as long as it is higher education institute of some kind. 

What countries can I study abroad at with this scholarship?

We will be accepting applications from people from any nation and you are provided to study wherever in the world. But it is important that you can argue why you have taken your university and country., a Danish platform for lifelong learning, is offering a Sustainability Scholarship to scholars from around the world who have applied (or will apply) for a Master’s program that can help them get the world further sustainable. The Master’s program in sustainability could be taught in any language, and in any sector of the world.

The scholarship will be awarded for the fall/autumn semester of 2021.

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